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1.1: Eurovip Hosting and Internet Services (referred to as Eurovip Hosting), which provide the services specified in this contract services section (referred to as Services), and euroviphosting, which belongs to Eurovip Hosting, between the details specified in the New customer account section and the person/institution specified (referred to as Customer). The use of internet access (referred to as the Site) operating on the .com website and purchasing services through this site will be deemed to be signed with the following articles and conditions.

1.2: The parties declare, accept and be consistent with the accuracy of the information written in this contract.

2- Subject
2.1: The departments reserved by this customer on the site, which have permission to enter into and conclude contracts in exchange for the information provided in the registration process in their orders and messages sent, will arrange a fee for the services to be offered in their orders, which they will not pay to Eurovip Hosting. These service and transaction disclosures are as follows.
2.2: Membership information is the information entered by the customer during membership. Since this information will be used as the basis for the transactions made, it is assumed that the customer and member information is entered completely and accurately.

3- Responsibilities
3.1.1: Eurovip Hosting will provide the services delivered as an order upon basic request. With the order acceptance message, Eurovip Hosting will accept the fee collection and undertake the service delivery specified in the order in question.

3.1.2: The payment method, VAT differences, the total amount to be deducted during the order, and the fees to be paid according to the money to be allocated or annual payment preferences will be notified by Eurovip Hosting.

3.1.3: After the order acceptance and transfer is approved, Eurovip Hosting will notify you of changing the control panel, ftp, sql and e-mail usernames and passwords for the service in the customer order detail and the service will start. The customer will be responsible for any damage or loss that may arise due to the responsibility of the relevant accounts and passwords.

3.1.4: The customer undertakes to comply with the warnings received by Eurovip Hosting within the scope of the service received. The Customer declares, accepts and undertakes to comply with any warning or notice issued by Eurovip Hosting while using the hosting account. The Customer cannot resell or resell the services provided free of charge or unlimitedly to third parties on a free and/or limited or unlimited basis.

3.1.5: It makes it possible to infiltrate files or programs that do not have access rights by using software and programs that have customer service, to create any problems due to such a problem, and to cover damages in case of block problems and problems.

3.1.6: The customer accepts and undertakes that he/she will be responsible for and will bear all taxes, duties and similar obligations that are in force or that will come into force during the use of the domain name, hosting or services offered.

3.1.7: The customer is responsible for all files, documents and programs hosted by the customer service, and all transactions that will be used and benefited from the website and e-mail services, and agrees to bear all legal and criminal liabilities that may arise from the violation of the obligations of such data, information and statements. It has consistency. No fault can be reported to Eurovip Hosting for any problems that may arise in this regard.

Eurovip Hosting does not review pages before they are sent, is not permanent, does not endorse or take any responsibility for user-created pages. Eurovip Hosting may terminate user accounts for breach of these guidelines or for any other reason or because Eurovip Hosting believes itself or any of the users to be harmful. Eurovip Hosting has the right to delete actions that do not violate the law and news developed from transactions.

3.1.8: Eurovip Hosting cannot be held responsible for any material or moral damages that may arise from the incorrect use of customer data contained in the service it provides, data contents, or all data used via e-mail. Backup and storage responsibilities for this data belong to the customer. Eurovip Hosting will regularly backup and maintain all customer data. Despite this, Eurovip Hosting is not responsible for any errors, damages or losses that may occur due to interruption or data loss in Eurovip Hosting services. Eurovip Hosting backs up its e-mail accounts through regular backups, and backs up the "messages" in these e-mail accounts once every 3 months. In weekly backups, e-mail messages are excluded from the backup. It is recommended that these messages be backed up regularly by the customer with a pop3 supported software (outlook etc.). Backing up this Data is the customer's responsibility unless otherwise stated in the contract text.

3.1.9: Eurovip Hosting will carry out the domain name registration procedures ordered by the customer and paid for without any problems. The owner of the domain name, which is registered and paid for with the registration request accepted by order, is the customer. Domain names purchased within the campaign and promotion can be transferred after the next payment period has passed. In this regard, Eurovip Hosting will be able to process the domain name in line with the customer's demands. The customer will make any edits, changes and transfer requests on the domain name as soon as possible.

3.2.0: Eurovip Hosting performs e-mail cleaning every 3 months in order to prevent excessive e-mail accumulation on the servers. Therefore, your emails older than 3 months are automatically deleted from our servers. Send your important emails to outlook etc. It is recommended to back up with software.

3.2.1: Unless stated otherwise, all our hosting packages have a domain-based daily sending limit of 400 emails. Email flow is stopped for accounts that send more than 400 emails within 24 hours.

3.2.2: In order to prevent excessive e-mail accumulation on the servers, Eurovip Hosting will automatically start deleting messages older than 3 months when more than 1200 messages accumulate in 1 e-mail box.

3.2.3: Eurovip Hosting limits all Hosting and E-Mail packages to 100,000 objects (Inodes). It reserves the right to suspend accounts that exceed the limit.

3.2.4: Eurovip Hosting keeps the "php mail()" function disabled in all shared hosting packages to prevent unauthorized (Spam) e-mail sending. PHP-based e-mail sending can only be done by establishing an SMTP connection.

4- Duration
4.1: The stated rights and obligations of the parties in this contract begin when the order and payment transactions are transmitted to Eurovip Hosting via the internet.

4.2: The contract period is the payment period selected by the customer during the order for the relevant service.

4.3: If the parties have not warned that the contract will end at the end of the period 10 business days before the end of the contract, the contract will be extended for the duration of the previous contract with the same terms and conditions. (Changes regarding fees are reserved.)

5- Fee
5.1: The fee to be paid for the services specified in this contract is the amount specified during the order process. It is calculated by including VAT in the specified fees and is shown to the customer and collection is made.

5.2: Eurovip Hosting reserves the right to make prospective changes to prices and tariffs without prior notice. The customer accepts, declares and undertakes any changes that may occur regarding these changes.

5.3: The fee is paid by converting it into Turkish Lira at the effective sales rate of the Central Bank on the date of the invoice.

5.4: If there is a payment order by credit card during the order process, the fee is obliged to pay from the credit card account, or by hand to the bank account numbers specified in the customer contact address or to Eurovip Hosting, until the end of the 5th business day from the invoice date.

5.5: In case of delay in payment, Eurovip Hosting reserves the right to issue an exchange rate difference invoice.

5.6: Eurovip Hosting reserves the right to turn off or on the relevant service until the customer completes the payment process.

5.7: As stated during the order, no refunds will be made for problems arising from domain name, hosting, packages within the campaign and optimization services (adwords-wordpress) and user errors.

6- Suspension
6.1: Eurovip Hosting reserves the right to suspend all services provided to the customer and all e-mail, web and ftp accounts due to problems with payment, provision problems for customers with credit card payment orders or provisions and obligations.

6.2: During this situation, e-mail, web and FTP access cannot be made on behalf of the customer and e-mail accounts will be blocked and incoming e-mails will be rejected.

6.3: The maximum CPU (Processor) and RAM (Memory) usage rate per site hosted on all our servers is 50% in Reseller Hosting and 20% in Hosting services. Ram usage is 1024MB. Accounts that do not comply with these rules and consume excessive resources will be suspended without warning.

6.4 Both copyrights and T.R. on our servers. It is forbidden to contain content that violates the law. This content; Hack, Crack, Warez, Adult and MP3, MP4, SWF etc. content included.

6.5: The security of all software on the server belongs to our customers. Our company is not responsible in any way for any issues that may arise from Chmod 777 or your software.

6.6 Accounts detected to be spamming (sending unsolicited mail) or phishing on our servers are permanently closed following notification from the relevant institutions regarding these activities.

7- Termination
If the customer violates any article of this agreement and does not fulfill its responsibilities and commitments, or if it is determined that the information declared on the front of this agreement is not correct, and if the suspension of the above-mentioned agreement continues for more than 7 days, Eurovip Hosting will not need any warning or notification. has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally without any notice.

After such termination, the customer; He declares, accepts and undertakes that he cannot claim back the last contract fee he paid, regardless of the remaining period, and that he will pay commercial punitive damages 5 times the equivalent contract price in effect on the date of termination.

The customer has the right to terminate this contract at the end of its term, without giving any reason, provided that he gives a written warning 10 days before the contract ends with the normal period.

If the contract is terminated by the customer before the expiration date, the customer declares, accepts and undertakes to pay 1/2 of the fees to be paid until the end of the contract, in one lump sum and in advance.

30 days after the expiration of the contract, Eurovip Hosting has the right to delete account files.

8- Contact and information addresses
8.1: The parties accept, declare and undertake that the postal addresses specified in the order address are their legal residence for all notifications arising from the contract.

8.2: Any notification made to these addresses will be deemed to have been notified even if the parties do not receive it. Unless changes to these addresses are notified to the other party in writing, the old addresses will be valid.

8.3: Eurovip Hosting may send messages, information, letters, warnings, payment notifications, account activity charts and account statements to the e-mail address allocated to the customer during the contract period. The customer cannot claim that the electronic messages in question were not received or did not reach him, and he declares, accepts and undertakes that he will be deemed to have legally notified the said messages 1 day after the date they were sent.

9- Default in payment of the fee
9.1: If the customer does not make payment for the services received within 7 days following the application date, the customer is deemed to be in default. In this case, Eurovip Hosting may issue an invoice for the exchange rate difference or, if it wishes, may charge a monthly delay interest of 15% starting from the invoice date. The customer declares and agrees to pay this delay interest and exchange difference invoice.

9.2: In the event that Eurovip Hosting files a lawsuit or enforcement proceeding for any receivables arising from this agreement, the Customer shall be subject to a monthly delay interest of 15%, a penalty clause of 50% of the balance debt amount, a 10% Attorney's Fee and all other legal fees. declares, accepts and undertakes to pay the expenses.

9.3: If the Customer applies to the legal authorities for Precautionary Seizure and Precautionary Injunction for the collection of his receivables arising from this contract, Eurovip Hosting is authorized to take an unsecured Precautionary Seizure and Precautionary Injunction decision, however, when a guarantee is requested by the Courts, the commission and any charges arising from the letters of guarantee to be received from the Banks. declares, accepts and undertakes that all fees will be paid by them and that they will not raise any objections to these issues.

10- Competent courts and enforcement offices
10.1: This contract consists of 11 articles and subheadings and has been read, understood and signed by the parties. (Signature is deemed to have been completed when the order is sent to Eurovip Hosting online). Eurovip Hosting may add, remove or make changes to new articles and/or subheadings if it deems necessary. The Customer declares and undertakes that he/she has accepted these changes in advance.

10.2: Bruges Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise during the implementation of this agreement.

11- Additions ( 06.11.2020 )
11.1: It is forbidden to share your problems or questions about Eurovip Hosting company (euroviphostin.com) on different platforms other than the customer panel and to organize smear campaigns there, and accordingly, it reserves the right to suspend the account and service without question and without any charge/notice.

11.2: All conversations in the Eurovip Hosting Customer Panel are prohibited from being shared with third parties, and in case of this situation, the company and the customer declare and accept that their account and services will be closed due to privacy violation.

11.3: By using the Eurovip Hosting brand, it is prohibited to go beyond the scope of the "Brand Protection Law" and share articles (content) containing "Complaints" on different platforms, and in such campaigns, the customer accepts and declares all liabilities within the scope of legal and administrative fines. A solution can be produced if it is sent to [email protected].