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Eurovip Hosting CORPORATE
Continuing to provide quality service to its customers for years with its customer-oriented services, Eurovip Hosting adds a new one to these services day by day. We introduce you to quality and complete services with our Eurovip Hosting web design and Eurovip Hosting web hosting services.

Who are we?
With our more than 15 years of experienced field and operational team, we stand by you as your solution partner, not your supplier. We are a team consisting of a wide spectrum from academician level managers, engineers, field teams to high school students. Every year, we lead hundreds of young people to enter the corporate business world.

With the intellectual knowledge of Eurovip Hosting, which was established in 2019, you will feel safe and peaceful.


Our Team
Reputable and reliable management team

Our experienced and agile technical staff

Pre-sales team offering the most suitable solution

After-sales team measuring the quality of your services for you

We create value in your innovation processes with our pioneering team in providing the latest innovative technologies.


What Are We Doing?
We increase your visibility in digital environments with our experienced team in digital marketing activities.

We ensure that your websites run at high performance with our state-of-the-art infrastructure.

With our ready-made website packages or special software solutions, we help you create your sites quickly with modern interfaces.

With our corporate solutions, a business needs domestic e-mail, virtual server, backup, cyber security, disaster recovery center, etc. With our solutions, we ensure that your systems operate 7 × 24 at optimum costs.

Where are we going?
We have accomplished many successful projects in Turkey. We are exporting services, albeit partially. After achieving operational excellence in our country, we aimed to turn into a world-renowned Cloud Systems Supplier. With the contribution of the solution partner ecosystem we have created in this process, we are taking firm steps towards becoming an institution that exports our intellectual knowledge, not importing technology.


About Eurovip Hosting?

Eurovip Hosting has been providing corporate web solutions for more than 3 years.

We carry out our nearly 70 innovative services fully automatically with our strong system infrastructure.

Our company, which continues its services in 7 different locations around the world, provides uninterrupted service to thousands of customers from individual customers to corporate customers.

We received awards from domestic and international hosting evaluation organizations. Alexa we maintain our place among the top 3,000 sites in Turkey.

We continue to transform from a hosting company to a cloud company that offers value-added services.


What Does Eurovip Hosting Offer You?
Hosting Services: With our site hosting service, you can provide uninterrupted service to your customers. If you wish, you can get service from our Windows or Linux servers, and you can open the doors of your website to the world without interruption.

E-Commerce Solutions: We make it easier for you to present your products to your customers on the internet and take advantage of the advantages we offer for attractive e-commerce packages. You can open your online store immediately with our affordable and high quality e-commerce packages.

Software Solutions: As Eurovip Hosting, we are at your side with our special software for all your transactions on internet. We bring quick solutions to all your problems with our expert staff in PHP, ASP, NET, C #, JAVA and all other software languages.

Dynamic Content Solutions: All content on your website is carefully prepared by us and presented to your visitors. The meticulousness we show in both visual and written content raises your website to the top in search engines.

We provide special consultancy services for all of your website and other web-based applications. You can bring your websites and applications to better places with our consultancy service and you can start to offer a unique service to your customers.